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What is the job of a Buzzy Bee Courier?

What is the job of a Buzzy Bee Courier?

A Buzzy Bee Courier’s main job is the Buzzy Bee Club everyday for 5 days of the week. However, your job goes above and beyond the needs of the club. As a Buzzy Bee Courier, your main duties are to organise a varied and attractive program for our younger guests, children aged 4 – 12, with emphasis on safety & fun.
The club runs for 2.5 hours a day, five days a week on the majority of the campsites (some campsites may have 2 X 2 hour sessions in high season). Most campsites will have 1 or 2 full time couriers and a Buzzy Bee Courier, so often the case is that you are solely responsible for the running of the Club (with the assistance of your colleges when required and with constant feedback, support and supervision from Management in Head Office).
You will have a high level of commitment to the children and will have had experience of working with groups of children and may have been (or are currently) studying for a qualification in Child Care.
You will responsible for the Buzzy Bee Area and equipment. It is to kept impeccably clean & tidy at all times. The Buzzy Bee notice board & weekly programme should always be updated, bright & colourful. You will need to be creative and confident and be willing to organise and run a Kids Club abroad on your own and using your own creativity.
When not engaged with Buzzy Bee duties you will work as a Campsite Courier. (please see the full description below, as all these duties will be relevant to you also)
Please Note: We only run our Buzzy Bee club in two locations meaning we have a very limited amount of jobs – if you think you have the skills for campsite courier we encourage you to apply for this role. 

Duties of a KelAir Courier include the following:

  • Preparing mobile home accommodation to exceptionally high standards, which includes making beds. This can take an individual up to 3 hours per mobile home and on a typical day you could expect to clean up to 2 mobile homes. (& on some days there may be no cleans – it depends on our bookings!)
  • Welcoming guests after a long journey and showing them into their accommodation, explaining facilities and information on the area.
  • Imparting local knowledge, advising places of interest etc.
  • Daily paperwork including report compiling and organisation
  • Dealing with any issues that the client may have during their holidays and dealing with it in a sensitive, professional and sensible manner.
  • Small maintenance jobs
  • Changing gas

A Buzzy Bee Courier needs to:

  • Enjoy working with children
  • Be confident and motivated
  • Be creative and have the ability to make a positive, enjoyable contribution to a child’s holidays.
  • Have a very keen eye and exceptional attention to details
  • Be willing to use a common sense approach to all their activities
  • Have basic common sense
  • Have a strong work ethic and high level of self motivation
  • Be able to work both in a team and on their own initiative
  • Be able to take feedback and deal with constructive criticism
  • Enjoy working with people and the public which can be very challenging
  • Be fully flexible, cooperative at all times.
Please note this list is not exhaustive.

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