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A Day in the Life

A typical day in the life of a KelAir Campotel Courier

My day starts at 08:30am, where I have my breakfast and coffee on the decking of my mobile home. After this, I make my way to the KelAir reception where I open it up for the day. I ensure that it is clean, well presented and welcoming for our clients. I ensure that the leaflet display shelves are fully stocked. I watered the flowers outside our reception and put out the message book which is left in our reception area to allow clients to leave messages for us throughout the day and that we can check on later. I already have my cleaning supplies and fresh linen ready to go from the evening before.

I then leave the reception and visit the clients are a departing this morning. I chat with them for a few minutes about how much they enjoyed their holiday and it is always great to get feedback from the clients, especially when they thoroughly enjoyed their holiday with us. I then check their mobile home and return their ‘Good House Keeping Deposit’.

When all the departures are gone, I return to the KelAir reception where I collect my fresh linen and cleaning supplies and return to the departed mobile homes and start on cleaning and preparing them for the new clients that are set to arrive this afternoon. It is so important that the mobile homes are prepared to the highest standard and that the clients who will arrive into them this afternoon feel as if they are brand new. It takes me around 2 hours to prepare this mobile home and it gives me great satisfaction seeing it looking so fresh and ready for it new family to enjoy! Without doubt, the cleaning standards are meticulous and possibly beyond other companies standards. We clean everything from top to bottom, the entire inventory in the kitchen, clean the toilets, showers, under beds, make the beds, clean and shine the windows and glasses, outside furniture. The cleaning is a very big element of the job and I think it is important that people understand that.

After this is done, I take my lunch and enjoy a nice lunch and ice cream with my colleague on the decking of our mobile home.

After my lunch, I returned to the KelAir reception to check if they are any messages on the message pad from our onsite clients. I then walk around the campsite and check the gas on the mobile homes to make sure each mobile home has enough following on from this I return to the various mobile homes with replacement gas cylinders. Whilst walking around the campsite, I meet various clients who are enjoying the sunshine on their decking and I check in with them to see if there is anything I can further assist them with.

I then make my way to the main campsite reception, where I meet the campsite management and have a chat with them. I then collect any post or faxes that may be there for me to collect. I make my way back to the KelAir reception where I begin to prepare my paperwork for the arrivals that are due today. I sit outside the reception in the sun and do my paperwork including the booking charts and the diary for the coming days and weeks.

I meet the arriving clients then and show them to their accommodation. I collect the Good House Keeping deposit and Accommodation Voucher from them. I introduce myself to the family and go through the basics of the mobile home with them briefly and explain some basic facilities. It is important that when clients arrive onsite not to bombard them with an overload of information as they are tired after their journey. I call to them the next day then to go through more in-depth information. I then return to the reception for the evening and clients come with requests, queries and a chat as well as this I get my supplies ready for the next morning and I make sure that it is left clean for the next day.

Later in the evening visits are made to existing clients and this is a very enjoyable experience.

A day in the life... - Ava Power, Campsite Courier

‘What distinguishes KelAir from our competitors is our commitment to going above and beyond in term of the standards of our mobile homes as well as our customer service’

‘On a typical day, I’d wake up around 8am and start to get ready for a busy day ahead. I’d get into my uniform and have breakfast with my team, where we’d discuss what needs to be done during the day. It’s vital that we open our reception for 9am and have it presentable and welcoming for our families. This includes watering the plants and having the message notepad displayed outside.

We checkout all our families by 10am, which is important as we need to begin cleaning their mobiles in order for new families to be able to check in at 4pm. Cleaning a mobile to KelAir standards should take about two hours and requires great attention to detail.

We are trained, prior to arriving in France, how to thoroughly clean a mobile and how to apply the finishing touches that set KelAir apart. What distinguishes KelAir from our competitors is our commitment to going above and beyond in term of the standards of our mobile homes as well as our customer service.

At 3pm we come together to have some lunch and we change into our reception uniform for check-in at 4pm. When families arrive we introduce ourselves and shake their hands, welcoming them to the site. We complete check-in procedure, tell them about the site facilities and things to do in the local area before cycling them down to their mobile. In high season there are many direct changeovers of mobiles so organisation and preparation on busy days is key. We have reception hour every evening where families can call to report any problems to us. This is also a useful time for us to clean our store and do visits to families on site to see how they’re getting on..

When we’re not on duty we get to spend our time exploring the local town, going to the beach or just relaxing onsite.’

Ava Power,
Campsite Courier La Grande Metarie, Carnac 2018

A day in the life... - Clara Doran, Buzzy Bee Courier

One of the things that I enjoyed about working as a Buzzy Bee Courier was that your days are never the same. Although the working hours are generally much the same every day it is essential that you forget the 9-5 working mentality. This is a job that requires absolute enthusiasm and commitment. Waking up each morning you know already who is on “morning reception” from the weekly plan. This involves opening the Kelair Reception, taking out good housekeeping deposits, responding to any messages on the message pad, etc. While most of the guests are still in their mobile homes, this quiet time should be used for reviewing documents, preparing paperwork for the daily arrivals etc.

After this its time for club Buzzy Bee. Buzzy Bee is run from 10am – 12:30pm every weekday. One of the most rewarding things as a Buzzy Bee Courier is seeing that you have made a difference to a family’s holiday, not just the children’s, through igniting excitement, curiosity and enjoyment in children. But as much as this job is fulfilling it can also be frustrating and demanding when dealing with unmotivated children or when things simply just don’t go to plan. To make the whole process easier for you a folder which includes games, activities and a sample timetable have been provided. However, it is essential that you take your own initiative to create unique games and activities that will cater for all children (4yrs to 12yrs old) involved in the club. Many children and their families are returners are the children should not be subjected to the same timetable as previously. Throughout my time as a Buzzy Bee Courier I found that one of the single most important aspects in the job was organisation. By planning out your sessions properly in the first few weeks it makes it much easier to build on those ideas throughout the summer season. Customer expectations don’t change day to day, they always expect to receive brilliant customer service, and therefore you must ensure that club is run at its optimum each day to make ensure each child has a unique and memorable experience. Although buzzy bee only runs from 10am- 12:30pm (in most sites) you will be working longer then the hours stated above. This is resulting from the fact that you are also employed as a courier. This involves meticulous cleaning of one or two mobile homes after a family has left every day. This part of your job is one of the most critical aspects and can make or break a family’s holiday. Attention to detail is of utmost importance here as one short oversight can have negative effects. The cleaning process of one mobile home takes from 2 hours onwards (if you are cleaning individually). Often you will be cleaning in teams to make the whole process quicker and more efficient.

After you have finished your assigned tasks you may or may not be finished for the evening. Just like morning reception, somebody is assigned to afternoon reception each day. This means that you have to close reception, meet arrivals, help clients with any problems etc. Families generally are checked in after 4pm. You greet them, issue paperwork and show them to their mobile home.

Relationship building is essential in this job, whether it is with fellow couriers or customers. If you become friendly enough with a family, they may leave a tip!

Throughout the season you will learn various skills including general maintenance, changing a gas bottle, paperwork etc. As commonplace as the expression may be, I am a “people person, is it very important that you are. You will improve significantly in small talk! This job allows you to immerse yourself in local culture and language. If you push yourself to improve your French, you will!

Being a Buzzy Bee Courier requires enthusiasm, motivation, initiative, independence and most importantly enjoyment. You will be challenged throughout the season, but it is the way in which you overcome these obstacles that will stand to you in providing and delivering exceptional customer service.

Clara Doran Buzzy Bee Courier.
Camping Sequoia Parc, France – 2018

A day in the life... - Su & Alan, Mature Couple Couriers

“WOW! Its not 12.00 already, where does the time go? The days all roll into one as it’s the dates you seem to remember…

Alan and I started our day at around 9 as we had to say goodbye to 3 families. We always open up reception first so that the families already here with us know our whereabouts should they need us or need brochures on local info or a book from our library to read whilst relaxing by the pool.

We have 3 arrivals today meaning that these 3 mobile homes that departed are ‘back to backs’ and will be occupied again this evening, this activity would be an average day for us. We said our goodbyes having checked the mobiles and returning the good house keeping deposit, once all the clients have gone then we collect all the used linen and towels and collect the new linen ready for the new families whom can arrive any time of day but guaranteed check in is 4.00pm. This now gives us the time to rigorously clean the mobile homes from top to bottom, including all the inventory, bedrooms, under beds, toilet and shower, all surfaces and walls, make the beds, clean the windows, outside furniture and final sweep and mop. From our experience of working in the industry KelAir defiantly have the highest cleaning standards over all the companies , this is something that I would highlight to other couples, you have to be prepared to meet and exceed this extremely high standards. This takes us approximately 2 hours per mobile home.

Once we have finished we check for any special request such as cot, stroller, and high chair any additional linen and set it up and deliver into the mobiles.

As it is Mondays we have our weekly fresh linen delivery which has been collect week before and all our dirty used linen ready and bagged up for collection.

Whilst at our store and reception we check our message pad, the O’Brien family have left a message looking for a recommendation for a nice seafood restaurant; we’ll call to their mobile home in a while with a business card for one of our favourite seafood places on the port.

It is now 4:00pm which means families are scheduled to arrive into their accommodation and over the next hour our 3 new families have arrived. Alan and I greet each arrival at the KelAir Reception, introduce ourselves with a smile and firm handshake and show each Family into their accommodation. We go through the facilities and how to use various things in the mobile home, it is important not to overload clients with information when they arrive after a long journey! We’ll call back to our clients tomorrow to do a follow up visit and answer any more questions they might have. After the families are in Alan & I do our mid-stay and departure visits. We visit our clients at least twice during there holiday, it is just a quick hello and to see if we can help them any further, often this is a really nice experience and often involves sitting and chatting to the families if they so wish! We do a cycle around the campsite past our families’ onsite and gave and smile a wave.

Then usually we are sitting on our decking having dinner and a refreshing cool glass of wine, wow another day gone! How the time goes by so quick here, it is demanding job with hard work but it is one which we love and plan to continue to do for as long as we can! We would certainly recommend it to other couples, but you must be willing to work and put in the effort as well, it’s not a holiday!”

Su & Alan, Mature Couple Couriers
Camping Cypsella Spain – 2018

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