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Calling all kids!

Club Buzzy Bee is the place to be!


Our Club Buzzy Bee will run on camping Domaine Des Ormes & Les Genets for the 2024 season.

Club Buzzy Bee really sets KelAir Campotel apart; with loads of games, activities and new friends for the kids, mums and dads can take time out for themselves!

Fun-filled & action packed

While you’re relaxing poolside or taking in a game of tennis, the kids will be living it up at Club Buzzy Bee! With a range of exciting games and activities from arts and crafts, face painting and fancy-dress parties for the younger kids to team sports and competitions for the older ones, Club Buzzy Bee offers something for everyone.

The Buzzy Bee Club is open to kids between 4 and 12 years of age. Each session runs for approximately 2½ hours, five days a week in the morning. 

Campsites where we offer Buzzy Bee Club Domaine Des Ormes, Les Genets.

A safe and attentive environment

Our Buzzy Bee couriers are hand-picked for their outgoing personalities, playful nature and inclusive approach, and undertake specific training before joining the Club. Be sure to get to the Club on time though as we limit the numbers joining in Club activities to ensure optimum safety and enjoyment.

You will need to sign your children in to the Club at the beginning of the session and sign-them out again when they leave.

Loads of fun for younger kids

Younger kids age 4-7 love Club Buzzy Bee. It’s just so easy to make new friends and enjoy activities designed for their age group. Our Buzzy Bee couriers provide hours of entertainment through craft, games and exploration – enough to keep your kids excitedly recounting the fun they’ve had long after the holiday is over!

Non-stop action for older kids!

Kids 8-12 will relish the energetic approach of our Buzzy Bee couriers who will keep them busy with a wide range of activities, sports and games designed especially for their age group.

PLEASE NOTE: Club Buzzy Bee is not a childcare facility and is offered purely for your children’s entertainment. At all times children remain the responsibility of their parents or guardians. While attendance is free, numbers may be limited due to safety reasons. A charge may apply to certain activities. Children’s couriers are employed to supervise the Club and in the event a courier falls ill, it may not always be possible to find an immediate replacement. The above applies to bothl resorts.

Opening Times

Buzzy Bee club runs 5 days a week. One 2 ½ hour session each morning.  Clubs will run from Monday Early June and finish the Last Friday August.