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Before You Set Off

Getting the car ready

We recommend that you get your car serviced two to three weeks prior to departure. Waiting two or three days before departure to service your car may not be a good idea as sometimes repairs can take a few days. We ask that you pay particular attention to your tyres, radiator hoses, fan-belt and batteries – as travelling long distances in a fully-packed car, in hot temperatures can put extra pressure on your vehicle.

Headlights must be adjusted for driving on the right-hand side of the road. You can purchase beam deflectors in most garages and car accessories shops.

It is now compulsory to carry a spare set of car light bulbs (front, rear and indicator bulbs), It is also compulsory to carry a High vis jacket for each passenger , This is be in the front of the car and not in the boot of the car. Keep your warning triangle and fluorescent jackets in the car. If you need to pull over in an emergency you could be fined (around €90 approx) if you don’t have these items.

Each passenger must have his or her own seat and seatbelt.
It’s a good idea to install car window blinds on rear side windows. These are good for reducing the discomfort of the hot summer sun on small children.

We advise that you inform your insurance company that you are travelling abroad so that they can extend your cover to the country you are visiting. It is essential that your NCT/MOT certificate is valid before taking your car abroad. We also advise you to inform your insurance company that you will be travelling abroad to make sure that should a problem occur you will be covered. Please make sure that you have copies of all essential documents with you as well as all important phone numbers.

If you are bringing a roofbox make sure you have the keys and make a note of the total height of your vehicle with the roofbox attached. We would recommend putting light items in the roofbox and the heaviest in the boot. If you are taking a roof book with you please advise our reservation staff at the time of booking, as they might need to be pre booked.

If you are fitting a bike rack please make sure it is properly secured and that your registration plate is clearly visible on the back of your car. Also make sure to bring a lock for the bikes while on the site. If you are taking a roof book with you please advise our reservation staff at the time of booking, as they might need to be pre booked.

Speed Cameras
There are automatic speed cameras on urban roads & motorways so please pay attention to the speed limit. If stopped for speeding you could get an on-the-spot fine. If you don’t have the money you will be brought to the nearest ATM.

It’s advised to carry a first aid kit in your car. You will probably have most of the necessary elements already, but your local pharmacist will advise if you’re in doubt.

It’s an excellent idea to have your local garage make up a kit of basic spare parts for your car. They will usually do this on a sale or return basis, giving you credit for what you haven’t used when you return from your holiday.

 This can save valuable time finding spare parts on holiday if your car is not a French make.

Prepare your journey!

  • Plan out your route a few days in advance. Have the GPS coordinates saved in you car before you head off.


Remember it’s not a race!

  • When you get off the ferry or have picked up your hire car.
  • There is no need to set off like a speeding bullet.
  • Check-in time to the mobile is from 4.00pm

Plan ahead!

  • Have fun games for the kids to enjoy in the car.
  • Make sure you have plenty of water & snacks to keep them satisfied.

Arrival time to the campsite is 4:00pm & 7:00pm

  • Your accommodation will not be available before this time
  • Stop off & have a relaxing lunch on the way.
  • If you do arrive early make sure you have a separate bag packed with all the swimsuits and towels, as you will have access to the swimming pools.
  • Check with main reception regarding access to the swimming pool first, as you will need wrist bands.

Campsite Rules & Regulations

  • Remember the majority of campsites have strict rules regarding swimwear.
  • Only conventional swimwear is permitted in and around swimming pools i.e. speedo or boxer swim wear
  • T-shirts and shorts are not permitted
  • Swimming caps may be required in some sites.

Late arrivals

  • If you arrive after 7.00pm your courier will leave a envelope with the campsite reception, with directions to your mobile home. Then our couriers will meet up with you the next morning.
  • Should you arrive after 10.00pm be prepared to leave your vehicle in the campsite car park(at your own risk) and enter the resort by foot.