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Travel Requirements

Passports & Visas

All EU citizens are obliged to possess a valid passport when travelling to France & Spain on holiday.
Note: Check that all forms of photo ID and passports are VALID as it can take a number of weeks for passport applications to be processed.
Non-EC passport holders require a visa for travelling to France. American passport holders do not need a visa if they are staying for less than three months. However, we advise that non-EC passport-holders check with their relevant Embassies well before departure to ensure that all is in place.

Keep photocopies of all travel documentation (particularly passports, driving licences and visas) in a separate place to the originals, in case the originals are stolen or lost. Ideally, you should leave photocopies at home with friends or family so that they can email them over if necessary.

Minors travelling without their parents must be in possession of written permission signed by both parents. They must hold a passport in their own name.


Travelling for Ireland please check with the Department of Foreign Affairs for more information.

If You Lose Your Passport

lf you lose your passport abroad you should immediately report the loss to the local police and then to the nearest Irish Embassy or Consulate. Ask the Police for a written statement that you have reported the loss. You will require this to obtain a temporary passport from an Irish Mission. In certain circumstances, for example when you are returning directly to Ireland, an Emergency Travel Document rather than a passport may be issued.

Most Honorary Consuls do not issue passports and can only issue Emergency Travel Documents.