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General Information

Notes On Cost

  1. Children travelling free must be covered on medical insurance.
  2. All prices quoted in the Brochure are stated in EURO and are based on costs as known at the time of going to print. They are subject to change without notice. If any of these vary, the cost of the holiday may increase or decrease accordingly. Any such increase must be paid by the Consumer. During the period of twenty days prior to departure date, the price stated in the brochure may not be increased. “The circumstances in which the price may be varied shall only be to allow for changes in:
    (a) Transport costs, including the cost of fuel:
    (b) Dues, taxes or disembarkation fees at ports or airports, or
    (c) The exchange rates which apply to the particular package.”
  3. Two-centre holidays are charged at pro-rata basis.

Alterations and Amendments

Alterations to any remaining section of the reservation must be made via email Campotel@kellertravel.ie and are not accepted otherwise. All such alterations and amendments are subject to an alteration fee of €30 for each and every amendment before ticketing and €60 after ticketing in accordance with our Booking Conditions (section 5). Cancellations as per Booking Conditions (section 3).

End of Stay Cleaning Fee

Don’t feel like cleaning your accommodation to the standard you received it? No problem! We offer an end of stay cleaning charge this is optional but will make the morning of your departure at lot less stressful.
This service is €65 and must be paid at least 14 days prior to departure. You will still need to do the following: Dishes must be washed, remove rubbish, empty the fridge, sweep floor & strip beds. This service is subject to availability at the time of adding on.

Not Included In Your Holiday

Good Housekeeping Deposit €100 this is paid in cash to the couriers on your arrival. The full €100 will be returned at the end of your stay* if you accommodation is left clean with no damages. *It can take up to 28 working days for the payment to be processed. See below for more information on Good House Keeping Deposit.

Party size
For your comfort & safety, please find the maximum party size per mobile home type.
2 Bedroom Mercure: Max 6 (2 adults, 3 children & 1 infant under 18 months in a cot)
2 Bedroom Mercure Loggia, Riviera & Plus: Max 6 (2 adults, 3 children & 1 infant under 18 months in a cot)
3 Bedroom Titania: Max 7 (2 adults & 4 children & 1 infant)
3 Bedroom Cordelia & Plus: Max 7  (2 adults, 4 children & 1 infant under 18 months in a cot) **
3 Bedroom Apollo: Max 7 (2 adults & 5 children)**

** Please note: Maximum 6 people per mobile home at L Sirene, L’Hippocampe, Playa Montroig, Cala Gogo Internatonal and Castell Montrgi. There is an extra charge for parties comprising of more than 6 people in Vilanova Park. Spain Approxx €20 per nights payable locally to the campsite..

Bookings are not permitted in the following instances;
1: Parties over 6 people when the party comprises of more than one family.
2: Single sex parties, Bookings of more than 2 adults under 30 years and associated bookings of more than 3 parties/families.


Resort facilities listed on the website and brochure do not form part of a contract. All facilities listed are correct at time of going to print/updating. As we do not own/operate the resorts, the availability of facilities is, regrettably, beyond our control. KelAir Campotel cannot be held responsible for (a) facilities not being available at any time, (b) for additional facilities being provided which were not advertised on the website or in the brochure

Swimming Pools & Regulations


Use of the pools is free and pools are generally not heated (unless otherwise specified). Some resorts require special bracelets to be worn in the swimming pool area at a refundable fee. There may be a charge for on-site Water Parks.


Due to hygiene regulations, many park owners have banned swim shorts. Please pack conventional lycra-style swimwear, though they can usually be purchased locally. Conventional swimwear only is permitted in and around swimming pools, i.e. Speedo or boxer swimwear. No t-shirts or shorts to be worn. Swimming caps may be required in some sites.

Pool Attendants

Not all resorts have pool attendants on duty and those that do may only be present in July or August, or for a limited time during the day. We strongly advise you supervise your children at all times when they are using swimming pool/water chutes/slides.

Water Chutes and Waterslides

Each resort will have its own regulations clearly indicated, that may relate to age, height and opening times. Pools, water chutes and waterslides are used at the customers’ own risk.


Most resorts allow the use of barbecues. However, resort owners/local authorities may impose restrictions/bans on their use at any time during the season. Gas barbecues are supplied with all our range of accommodation. / If you are booking one of our partner accommodations they might not come with a BBQ as standard check with our reservations team at the time of booking for more information

Non KelAir Campotel Accommodation
Accommodation which is not owned and managed by KelAir Campotel may vary to that supplied by us and its equipment described herein. Sun loungers and patio/deck may not be supplied with non KelAir Campotel accommodation. Linen that is supplied is also going to be different all depending on the company that’s booked, for example there might be blankets instead of duvets.

Special Requests

Special requests cannot be guaranteed. Your courier will be informed of your request and will do their utmost to meet your wishes. However, circumstances such as the way our accommodation is located on the resort and the departure pattern of preceding customers means it is not always possible to grant special requests, regardless of when you book your holiday.

Special Requirements

Should you have a special requirement, which is absolutely essential to your holiday enjoyment, please inform us in writing (campotel@kellertravel.ie) at the time of booking and we will do our utmost to honour your requirement, although this cannot be guaranteed.

Changing Emplacements/Resorts

Should you wish, for any reason, to change emplacements/ resorts during the course of your stay and the courier in charge is in a position to grant this request, there is a charge of €50, payable directly to the courier on site or upon arrival to new resort.

Cots and Baby Packs
Cots are available at all KelAir Campotel resorts. These are collapsible travel cots and are suitable for infants under 18 months. The cots are available at a charge of €12 for the duration. Baby packs are also available on request. Consisting of a cot, high chair and stroller, there is a charge of €30 for the duration of your holiday. Cots and Baby Packs must be requested at time of booking, as there is a limited supply available. We do not supply linen for cots.
Please note that cots do not fit in the bedrooms of all mobile homes due to layout variations

Arrival and Departure Procedure at KelAir Campotel Resorts

Your accommodation is available from 16:00. Should you arrive at your resort before this time, neither your accommodation nor your courier will be available until 16:00. However, you are welcome to use the resort facilities after you have checked in with the main campsite reception and received your ID bracelets (if applicable).
Please aim to arrive at your resort between 16:00 and 19:00 when your courier will be at hand to meet you.
Most resorts close their gates at 22:00 to 07:30, so if you arrive/depart during these times you will be required to leave your car at the campsite car park and enter/leave the resort by foot. If you do arrive after 19:00, you will be either directed to your mobile home by campsite personal or a key and map will be left for you (this will depend on the campsite). Your courier will meet you the next morning.
In order for us to prepare for our next guests, we ask that you vacate your accommodation no later than 10:00 on day of departure. Failure to do so could result in you forfeiting part of your Good Housekeeping Deposit

Good Housekeeping Deposit / Deposit Procedure

On arrival at your accommodation our courier will collect your Good Housekeeping Deposit (€100 in cash). The purpose of this deposit is to ensure that all accommodation and equipment is returned to us at the same standard of cleanliness and functionality as which it was received on your arrival. In instances where the accommodation requires cleaning at the end of your stay, our couriers onsite have the authority to deducted €20 per hour from your deposit. The refund is at the courier’s discretion all departure procedures visits are done 48hrs before your departure leaving campsite.
Those who depart prior to 08:00 will have their deposit posted to them within 28 days of their departure from the campsite. We ask you then to Email campotel@kellertravel.ie with the following details: Lead name on the booking, booking reference number and your IBAN and BIC (no photos/hand written details please).

Resident Courier
There are resident KelAir Campotel couriers on all of our resorts.  During your stay they will assist with any queries you may have to insure your holiday runs smoothly.
During “off-peak” breaks there may not be a resident courier on site
Off-Peak Holidays
If you wish to take an “off-peak” break, there are many advantages such as un-crowded beaches, ferries, money saving offers etc. and you can see France and Spain at its best.
Please note that many of our resorts are quieter in early/late season and facilities may not be available, or may be restricted in opening times, especially facilities such as the swimming pool, bar and restaurant. While many of the facilities are available in June and early September, they are open at the discretion of the owners and may be unavailable outside of July and August.
There are always shops; bars and restaurants open in the vicinity. However, should you require more precise information, our staff will be happy to oblige.
Resort Regulations
All resorts have their own rules and regulations, which must be obeyed. Failure to do so may result in expulsion from the resort with no refund of any kind nor shall KelAir Campotel be responsible for providing any alternative accommodation.
KelAir Campotel resorts are very much family orientated and noise must be kept to a minimum after 22.00 hours.
The size of emplacements/pitches vary from resort to resort. In general, most pitches are large enough to accommodate a regular sized car. However, larger vehicles may have to be parked away from your pitch. The location of KelAir Campotel pitches on each resort is at the discretion of the resort owner and so our accommodation is often located in numerous different areas of a resort.
Small tents are not permitted on emplacements
Pets are not permitted within any of our mobiles homes.
Taking a Second Car
• If you intend to take two cars, you will be charged the appropriate ferry price for the second car and you must leave the second car in the resort car park, for the duration of your stay, at your own risk (there is a charge for this service in Sequoia Parc, Cypsela, Castell Montgrí & Playa Montroig.
• All GPS Co-ordinates are supplied to you in good faith. We cannot accept responsibility for any new/additional road layouts.
Honesty and Accuracy
The information contained in this publication is accurate and correct at time of going to print. We do our best to ensure that ferry schedules, prices, descriptions etc. are correct and published in good faith.
Whilst our reservations staff will always try to give accurate information and price quotations to telephone and personal callers, we are unable to accept responsibility for such information unless it is confirmed in writing.
Travel Insurance
Medical insurance is not automatically included in our holidays. The cost of a family policy
(i.e. 2 Adults & any number of children under 23 in full time education)
is available from €60 Gold(Excess of €100 Per person per claim) Insurance or €100 Platinum( No Excess)
Health benefits
Before departing on your holiday, we suggest you obtain a European Health Insurance Card (www.ehic.ie) from your local health authority, for each member of the party. This will entitle you to reciprocal health benefits while on holiday. Your courier will be “au fait” with the procedures and will be happy to assist in any eventuality.
Car Hire
• Each person in the party must have a seat in the car.
• The named driver must have a Credit (Not Debit) Card in his/her name and the reservation must be made in their name.
• The minimum age of driver is 21 years but may vary from country to country.
• A charge may apply to drivers under 25 years and they may not be able to hire certain car groups.
• Drivers must produce a valid Irish/UK license, held for at least 1 year in France and 2 years for Spain. Some countries require no endorsements.
• Cars hired from a ‘broker’ may incur a daily charge for being brought into another country – please ask at the time of booking.
All EU and non-EU nationals travelling to France and Spain must be in possession of a valid passport. Non-EU nationals may require a VISA. You will need to the contact the relevant authorities for more information.
Money Matters
You may get Euro from the majority of ATM machines by using your Banklink “Plus”, Pass “Cirrus” and credit cards (once you have a PIN number and subject to a small fee). Contact your bank for more specific details.
What To Pack and Not To Pack
There’s no need to pack a hairdryer or iron, as these are available at KelAir Campotel resorts, from the courier, on request and subject to availability. It’s always a good idea to pack a common painkiller, such as Anadin, as these are only available from Pharmacies in France and Spain. We advise you bring a continental adapter for any electrical appliances and a car phone charger for charging your mobile phone.
Hotel Stops En Route
With the exception of the campsites in Spain and the South of France, most resorts are within a day’s drive.
Some people may not feel inclined to make the trip all at once and would like to relax and stay overnight en route.
Should you wish to book your hotel on line, log on to www.accorhotel.com, www.hotel-bb.com or www.envergure.fr, which enables you to reserve your own overnight stay. Hotels such as Hotel B&B, Bleu Marine, Kyriad, Ibis, Novotel, Mercure, and Sofitel, are located all over France and Spain at a very competitive price range.