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Car Breakdown Insurance from €84

Although not a legal requirement, we strongly advise being covered for car breakdown and roadside assistance when on holiday. Again KelAir Campotel can arrange car breakdown insurance cover for you.

If your car breaks down, you will be covered for roadside assistance, towing fees and replacement vehicle if necessary. Again, there is a contact number on the policy to call beforearranging any emergency help. This policy does not cover parts or labour costs.

Your car breakdown insurance policy should be kept in your car at all times – even if you’re just travelling to the local shop!


Car Under 10 Yrs –  Between 8 -15 yrs old €84.00 /  Car Under 10 Yrs – Travel  Between 16 – 24 days yrs old €96.00

Car between 10 – 16 Yrs old €96.00 /  Car between 10 – 16 Yrs old  –  Travel between 16 – 24 days yrs old €108.00

Accident & General
Motoring Assistance
Without doubt Accident & General Motoring assistance is the best possible motor touring policy available. We don’t want to say it too loud, but check around with other operators and see if they can offer you this type of protection at our competitive rate, of €84 for up to 15 days; additional or part week €10.

The A&G policy works in conjunction with Mapfre Roadside Assistance, who, through their experience and local network throughout Europe, provide any assistance needed. 
It is very much the case where you make a phone call, sit back and it all happens rather than a situation where trouble erupts and you have to solve your own problem seeking reimbursement on your return. The following tables show a summary of the Motoring and Personal Benefits. These are subject to the full terms, conditions  and exclusions of the policy wording, which you will receive with your travel documents. A copy is available on request.

Details of our Complaints Procedure are available on request.

Accident & General Motoring
1) Pre-departure Cover:
If your vehicle becomes unavailable during the 7 days before your trip due to an accident, fire or theft and remains unavailable, we will pay for an equivalent  replacement vehicle so that you can go ahead with your holiday, provided your policy is issued more than 10 days prior to departure date.

2) Roadside Assistance & Recovery Service:
Up to €320. In the unfortunate event of a breakdown or an accident we will pay for roadside assistance, recovery to a local garage and emergency labour charges.
3) Emergency Repairs Following Break-In: Up to €225. We will cover the costs of making your vehicle secure following a break-in or attempted break-in.
4) Equivalent Replacement Vehicle: Up to €1,000.
5) Loss of Tent: Up to €130 per person/€650 per party. If you are using your tent as accommodation and it is stolen or seriously damaged we will pay for the hire of a replacement or for emergency bed and breakfast.
6) Alternative Driver: In the event of the driver being declared medically unfit to drive the insured vehicle in the course of the trip, we will pay for the costs of bringing the vehicle and passengers back to Ireland. 
7) Repatriation of Your Vehicle: Up to the market value in Ireland.
8) Repatriation of Your Passengers: No limit.

Please note, in order to avail of Motor Breakdown insurance cover you must not carry more than the number of persons recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.

Each person must be provided with a seat and seat belt. The most who can be insured in a single vehicle are 8 persons including the driver.

You should notify your own insurance company if you are taking your car out of the country.


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