A Day In The Life...



A typical day in the life of a KelAir Campotel Courier…

My day starts at 08:30am, where I have my breakfast and coffee on the decking of my mobile home. After this, I make my way to the KelAir reception where I open it up for the day. I ensure that it is clean, well presented and welcoming for our clients. I ensure that the leaflet display shelves are fully stocked. I watered the flowers outside our reception and put out the message book which is left in our reception area to allow clients to leave messages for us throughout the day and that we can check on later. I already have my cleaning supplies and fresh linen ready to go from the evening before.

I then leave the reception and visit the clients are a departing this morning. I chat with them for a few minutes about how much they enjoyed their holiday and it is always great to get feedback from the clients, especially when they thoroughly enjoyed their holiday with us. I then check their mobile home and return their ‘Good House Keeping Deposit’.

When all the departures are gone, I return to the KelAir reception where I collect my fresh linen and cleaning supplies and return to the departed mobile homes and start on cleaning and preparing them for the new clients that are set to arrive this afternoon. It is so important that the mobile homes are prepared to the highest standard and that the clients who will arrive into them this afternoon feel as if they are brand new. It takes me around 2 hours to prepare this mobile home and it gives me great satisfaction seeing it looking so fresh and ready for it new family to enjoy! Without doubt, the cleaning standards are meticulous and possibly beyond other companies standards. We clean everything from top to bottom, the entire inventory in the kitchen, clean the toilets, showers, under beds, make the beds, clean and shine the windows and glasses, outside furniture. The cleaning is a very big element of the job and I think it is important that people understand that.

After this is done, I take my lunch and enjoy a nice lunch and ice cream with my colleague on the decking of our mobile home.

After my lunch, I returned to the KelAir reception to check if they are any messages on the message pad from our onsite clients. I then walk around the campsite and check the gas on the mobile homes to make sure each mobile home has enough following on from this I return to the various mobile homes with replacement gas cylinders. Whilst walking around the campsite, I meet various clients who are enjoying the sunshine on their decking and I check in with them to see if there is anything I can further assist them with.

I then make my way to the main campsite reception, where I meet the campsite management and have a chat with them. I then collect any post or faxes that may be there for me to collect. I make my way back to the KelAir reception where I begin to prepare my paperwork for the arrivals that are due today. I sit outside the reception in the sun and do my paperwork including the booking charts and the diary for the coming days and weeks.

I meet the arriving clients then and show them to their accommodation. I collect the Good House Keeping deposit and Accommodation Voucher from them. I introduce myself to the family and go through the basics of the mobile home with them briefly and explain some basic facilities. It is important that when clients arrive onsite not to bombard them with an overload of information as they are tired after their journey. I call to them the next day then to go through more in-depth information. I then return to the reception for the evening and clients come with requests, queries and a chat as well as this I get my supplies ready for the next morning and I make sure that it is left clean for the next day.

Later in the evening visits are made to existing clients and this is a very enjoyable experience.


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